Below I've listed some of the issues that I'm often asked about and some of my accomplishments in office, but if you have other issues that are important to you, please feel free to reach out to me and I am happy to discuss them with you in more detail. My email is and my phone number is 615-422-7109.

COMMITTED TO OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: From greenways to sidewalks to recycling, I know we must invest in what makes it great to live here.

  • We must act as stewards of our environment and take on personal responsibility to conserve energy. Eliminate and reduce waste, preserve land, build responsibility, and create a culture of sustainability. Our public policies must reflect this. We want to make sure Nashville is not only great for us but for future generations as well.

  • We need to make sure that our senior population is not forgotten. We must make sure they have access to quality health care, have property tax relief so they can stay in their homes and neighborhoods, and can access services they need.

  • As Nashville grows, that growth and development comes with difficult issues that must be solved. One issue is a growing homeless population. There are many causes for those who become homeless, from the loss of a job to mental health issues and others. We must find solutions to help find homes and stable lives for as many homeless Nashvillians as possible. I will work to identify solutions that have worked in other similarly sized cities across the country so that we can help reduce the number of homeless in our city. Some of these solutions will include creating new affordable housing solutions and job training opportunities. We also will need to work with mental health care organizations to help provide treatment for those who need it to get their lives back on track.

  • I passed legislation requiring construction sites to post signs with the Metro noise ordinance, the hours they may work, along with contact numbers for responsibly parties and Metro Codes. 

  • I passed consumer protection legislation that bans the retail sale of puppy mill and kitty mill pets in Davidson County--which The Humane Society of the United States gave me the Humane Legislator Award for in 2018.

  • I co-sponsored landmark legislation requiring investments in sidewalks when new development happens in our neighborhoods.

  • I co-sponsored legislation giving Nashvillians a say in where landfills go by using the State enabling Legislation “the Jackson law.”

  • I have supported property tax freezes and utility assistance programs for our seniors and low-income neighbors.

  • I’ve served on the Greenways Commission for the past 3 years and I’m proud to see the first phase of the 440 Greenway open up just a few months ago in our district.


  • Our city has grown and will continue to grow. With that growth comes increased use and demand on our various infrastructure systems including water and sewer systems, public transportation, public safety. As a city, we must invest in our infrastructure systems now to ensure they are ready for our continuing future growth.

  • Throughout our district, many people are facing problems from inadequate storm water drainage systems. Eroding creek beds and retaining walls and flooded yards can lower property values and create safety concerns for residents. This is why we have stormwater fees to help with projects to protect both private and public investments.

  • As your council member, I have worked with metro public works, storm water and other engineers to create solutions that expand our capacity to deal with storm water drainage and fix existing problems while preventing new ones.

  • I passed fiscally responsible policy legislation requiring that when Metro sells land the proceeds must go to debt services or to buy other land. 

  • I passed legislation banning parked cars on the grass strips between sidewalks and the street to protect underground utilities in addition to increasing pedestrian safety.

FOCUSED ON OUR NEIGHBORHOODS: I grew up in Nashville and I understand what makes our neighborhoods our home. All of our neighborhoods have unique characteristics and personalities.

  • Planning and zoning issues are some of the most frequent and important decisions that the Metro Council faces each meeting. The 24th district is growing, and it is important that we make sure that growth and development happen in a smart and intentional manner.

  • My approach to making these decisions is make sure that all development is done in a thoughtful manner that always takes into account the surrounding property owners and environmental concerns. I will work to find common ground and insure that we work together for the common good of everyone involved and for the district as a whole.

  • The 24th district is growing, and it is important that we make sure that growth and development happen in a smart and intentional manner.  This past summer I worked with the Planning Department to hold visioning sessions and update the community plan policies for the Charlotte Corridor.

MASS TRANSIT AND MOBILITY: Mass transit and the ability to move around our city is key to our economy and way of life. How our city grows and how we zone our neighborhoods is connected to transportation. The cost of transportation is the second largest expense for most households. The amount of time we are going to spend in our cars is expected to double by 2040. We must be able to connect our residents with educational and employment opportunities and ways to improve their quality of life.

  • Nashville should be investing in more green, more financially sound solutions for our community. We should invest in renewable energy sources now. It will lessen the burden on traditional forms of energy by utilizing natural resources and ultimately reducing costs citywide.

  • Nashvillians and our economy cannot continue to wait to take action on mass transit options and mobility options. While most of the solutions to this problem will be countywide measures, as your council member I have push for more sidewalks.

  • One of the keys to a walkable neighborhood is a thorough system of sidewalks. By investing in sidewalks throughout our neighborhoods, we will be able to better support mass transit and increase resident’s ability to walk to neighborhood businesses. Sidewalks often increase public health and property values and also help build a better sense of community by making it easier to get around the neighborhood.

 A FORCE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY: Fire fighters and police officers risk their lives for us every day. It is critical they receive the support they need to make sure we are safe.

  • Without a strong public safety system, we cannot feel safe in our home or out in our neighborhood. The first step in ensuring a strong public safety network is ensuring that that we provide our public safety officers with the equipment and policies they need to protect themselves, so they can protect our lives and our homes.

  • I have worked to make certain Nashville has a strong public safety system that draws from the best practices learned in communities across the state and around the county. By ensuring we have a world-class public safety system, we will not only make our neighborhoods safer, but we can lower insurance costs and increase property values.

  • After passing legislation to require all elected officials receive sexual harassment prevention training, I passed legislation requiring Metro Contractors train their employees as well not only to prevent workplace sexual harassment but to prevent harassment when those employees are representing Metro to the public. 

  • I have spoken out and demanded accountability when it comes to staffing for our Police and Fire/EMS departments. It is critical they receive the support they need to make sure we are safe.

A CHAMPION FOR OUR SCHOOLS: I graduated from Hillsboro High School and have volunteered there and Park Ave. Elementary. We need to make sure that all schools are strong.

  • If we are not involved and engaged with our schools, how can we expect the students to become involved engaged members of society? All of Nashville benefits when our children and youth are safe, healthy, engaged and learning. We must prepare our youth to be productive participants in economic and civic life. Healthy, engaged children and youth add to our vitality.

  • While the School Board is ultimately in charge of managing our school system, as your council member, I have been actively engaged in the conversations to improve our schools—inside and outside the classrooms. The school system has a lot on their plate which is why supporting programs like Book‘em that supplement school curriculum are important to me.

A COMMITMENT TO TRANSPARENCY: I have pushed for more accountability in Metro government. Government needs to be responsive to what the public wants and balance that with the needs of the whole city. How metro departments work, spend their budgets, approve projects, and access to resources should be open to all Nashvillians not just the few who can devote hours to working through the maze of red tape.

  • One of the most important roles for any council member is to take proactive steps to anticipate and solve problems before they happen. But it’s not enough to anticipate and solve problems; council members must create an open direct line of communication to keep the community informed about what’s going on across the district and across the city.

  • As your council member, I have worked around the clock to address problems throughout the 24th district. I will continue be available to discuss the issues that are important to you. In addition to holding regular district meetings with neighbors, I will continue to send out regular email newsletters with the latest information affecting our district and our city. I have sent out 22 monthly newsletters in my first 2 years in office but a number of other informative emails and meeting announcements as well.

  • And to ensure that I’m always available whenever you have a question, you can call me anytime on my cell phone: 615-422-7109

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Small businesses drive our local economy. We must help them grow and thrive. When small businesses succeed, our working families have more opportunity to prosper. We must develop local talent, attract and support small business, recruit companies to create more and better jobs, nurture existing businesses that have invest in and contributed to Nashville’s success. We want our small businesses and Nashville jobs going to qualified Nashvillians first—they are our greatest resource.

  • Pay equity is a problem here in Nashville. It’s not just a “business” issue, it’s a family issue. It’s a key part of increasing opportunities for Nashville’s middle class.

  • Responsible economic development attracts creative businesses to locate and stay in Nashville. We must constantly be working to increase the quality of life and business opportunities in Nashville. This not only helps existing residents but also attracts new one. A high quality of life helps attract new workers and talent to Nashville, which in turns helps attract and grow businesses.

  • Economic Development should not only rise the tide for the business but for the entire Nashville community.