Sidewalk Projects in District 24

While these projects are seriously delayed, I want to keep you updated on their status and progress being made.  I am extremely disappointed and frustrated in the continued delays in these projects.  I will update this page as I get more information from Public Works. You can use the Sidewalk Tracker website to see sidewalks across the county (be aware the status is not always correct.)


Bowling Ave. Phase 1:

Description: Sidewalk will be on the east side of Bowling Ave. from Richmeade Dr. to Woodlawn It will be 1,228 feet long. The Grass Strip will range between zero to two feet wide. The sidewalk will be five to six feet wide.

Status Update: July 3rd Update:

Design - Complete.

Property Negotiations - We have acquired Rights of entry from all 13 affected property owners and we are therefore able to construct. Formal Easement and Right of Way agreements are going to be acquired by Croft and Associates in order to make sure the affected owners are compensated for all construction impacts to their properties.

Utility Coordination - We have coordinated with NES, AT&T, Comcast. Regarding pole-line utility conflicts, there are 12 utility poles that must be relocated due to conflicts with the proposed sidewalk. The poles are owned by NES, and they have completed the necessary design work for the required pole relocations. Funding for these relocations is being allocated by NES after the close of their current Fiscal Year which ends this month (July 2019). We will be following up with them as soon as this time lapses

Construction Scheduling - Once NES confirms the pole-line utility relocation work is funded and scheduled, the project will be added to our list/queue for construction

You may see utility work being done over the next few months. 

Yes it was expected for Public Works to start this before the end of Spring 2019. They missed that deadline.

Bowling Sidewalk Display Board, Bowling Sidewalk showing trees/pillars/street widths

37th Ave.

Description: Sidewalk will be on the east side of 37th Ave. from Sentinel Ave. to Murphy Rd. It will be 1,608 feet long. The Grass Strip will be 4 feet wide. The sidewalk will be 5 feet wide.

Status Update: July 3rd Update:

This project is currently with procurement for bidding – here’s their update: The intent to award is being prepared for RFQ 1310657 37th Avenue North Sidewalk Improvements and Water Line Upgrades. Once the intent to award is issued there is a 10 day protest period, following this the award will be finalized if there are no protests filed.

Previous Update: Due to continued Public Works delays this will be put out for a competitive bid now instead of a multi-award annual contract.  Last I was told, Public Works and the Procurement Dept. have not set the bid date yet though.  Once it is finally awarded, we will have a pre-construction public hearing to over the details since it this project was first approved in the early part of my term.

37th Ave. trees and layout of sidewalk (red trees will need to be removed, green trees remain.)

37th Ave. Sidewalk Legislation Exhibit

Bowling Ave. Phase 2:

Description: Sidewalk will go from Woodlawn to Forrest Park. It will be 522 feet long.

Status Update: July 3rd Update: The preliminary plans for this phase of the Bowling Avenue Sidewalk Improvements have been approved. Final plans were submitted to Metro Water Services for storm water division for review, which resulted some additional comments to be addressed by our design team. Our revised plans and hydraulic pack was re-submitted to Metro Water Services on June 27th 2019. Once this gets approved we will move over to utility coordination and property acquisition.

I do not have copies of the preliminary plans yet.

West End Middle School Sidewalk

Description: Sidewalk is on the east side of Bowling Ave. connecting the parking lot to other walkways at the school.

Status Update: Complete

Bowling Sidewalk at West End Middle School